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ALTUMATIM is the ALL NEW legal analytics software platform that will fundamentally change the way you approach electronically stored information. The entire app is built upon the way that successful trial attorneys think through and develop their case.

ALTUMATIM learns what is important to your case and brings the most relevant evidence up to the surface so you find that smoking gun faster. ALTUMATIM is designed to learn from you as you work on your case and think like another attorney on your trial team – so much so that we say that the AI within it is Attorney Intelligence.



As we considered available eDiscovery platforms, we noticed plenty of features to help you manage, process, review and produce documents but something was missing. None of them was intentionally designed with the primary goal of helping you win your case. Recognizing that whoever tells the best story wins, we dared to imagine an app that would learn the story you want to tell and automatically give you those key exhibits. That is no easy task because that mountain of data from your client and your opponent is different in every case.

We drew upon our unique combination of decades of litigation, data science, computer programming and engineering experience to develop a way to superimpose structure onto unstructured data so you can simply get the answers you need. The result is ALTUMATIM – an efficient, effective and exciting legal analytics software platform with built-in Attorney Intelligence and a unique user experience focused on what matters to litigators who know how to win.


The Best Story Wins

Everyone can relate to a good story but to win you have to tell a credible story that is supported by the best available evidence. Our user interface allows you to simply input what you want to tell the court. ALTUMATIM translates that into fast and effective query results to streamline finding the evidence you will use during discovery and at trial.


The Storyline Module lets you organize your story in a series of events and ALTUMATIM’s patent-pending, AI-driven evidence locator technology automatically finds and ranks the ESI most relevant to each event.


On top of that, ALTUMATIM takes what it learns from the work you do with your client’s documents and applies that to the data your opponent produces later. Just load your opponent’s production and ALTUMATIM will automatically determine which documents are relevant to the events in your story and rank them in order of importance for you.

knowledge browser

Connect The Dots

The Knowledge Browser module lets you explore relationships between entities, events and topics. The unique visual interface helps you connect the dots in your story and exposes any gaps in your proof plan. Not only is it far more useful and versatile than the graphic representations of email communications you may have seen in other eDiscovery platforms, it actually becomes more powerful as you continue to work on your case.

The customizable and interactive connections diagram allows you to focus on whatever you need to see with just a few clicks of your mouse. No skill or search techniques needed to find the documents pertinent to any of the relationships you are curious about or want to prove exist. ALTUMATIM automatically creates and executes a complex query based on any number of connections you choose.


The Moral Of The Story Is …

Whether you prefer to use topics, themes, or legal theories to consolidate your story, the Topics Module allows you to approach the available evidence from any of those perspectives. Let’s face it, the typical data set for a case includes documents that could be grouped in dozens or even hundreds of topics that have nothing to do with your case. The Topics Module lets YOU define the topics of interest so you can efficiently and effectively find proof for your story. With just a little input from you, ALTUMATIM goes to work using a unique combination of aggregating technologies to find documents related to your topic. Topic-oriented reinforcement learning AI refines the set of documents for each of your topics as you continue working.

New Possibilities


Focused on Results

ALTUMATIM’s bleeding edge technology is comfortable working behind the scenes without cluttering up your screen. The user interface puts that which is most important front and center. The majority of the display is dedicated to what you care about most – the evidence and how it fits into your story.


ALTUMATIM comes with all the protection that Google’s Cloud Armor provides. Additionally, your instance is so well hidden away in the cloud that without your confidential log in credentials, nobody (and no-bot-ty) could ever find it.

Consistent Convenience

You should be able to concentrate on finding the best evidence for your story, not finding your place. Every time you access documents you will see the same coding and filter options and everything you need is at your fingertips. Everything you do is automatically stored so you never have to be distracted with saving (or devastated by losing) your work.


Everything you do in ALTUMATIM is instantaneously realized and available to anyone else on your team. Multiple users can simultaneously work in remote locations and instantly see the results of any team member’s activity.

Data Pipeline

Stop wondering how long it will be until your data is loaded and ready to go. The ALTUMATIM pipeline ingests large data sets so impressively fast that if it was in a rainforest instead of the cloud, even the biggest pythons would be jealous.


We prefer training in the gym or outside so we have minimized the time it takes to become proficient using ALTUMATIM. The minimalist interface design and user experience are fine tuned to an attorney’s needs when gathering and analyzing evidence so it fits naturally with how you are used to working your case.

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