EMMETT (eDiscovery Made More Efficient Through Technology) is the AI virtual assistant who will help you find the truth as quickly as possible. Anything you need to do with your ESI, you can do better with EMMETT. Whether you are just starting your ECA, looking for that smoking gun in your opponent’s production, preparing for a negotiation, or deciding how to present your proofs at trial, EMMETT comes along side you so you get the best results.

EMMETT (eDiscovery Made More Efficient Through Technology)

Conversational AI

ALTUMATIM has always made it easy to cut through the noise and find the information you need. With EMMETT you can do that in an even more natural way. EMMETT converses with you, answering your questions and asking you questions when more information will make your experience better. Just tell EMMETT what you want to do or what you need to know and he will get the job done.

EMMETT (Ediscovery Made More Efficient Through Technology) powered by Altumatim
EMMETT, Your eDiscovery AI Assistant

Comprehends Your Story

Our vision to create a platform that allows you to simply tell the computer your story and have it automatically find the documents you need is now a reality. EMMETT does that and more. 


Tell your story (or your opponent’s), answer any questions EMMETT has, and watch as he almost instantly gathers the most important documents for you, generates a storyline of events, and creates topics regarding the legal issues you are facing. eDiscovery has never been so efficient or enjoyable.

Curates the Best Evidence

The patent-pending ALTUMATIM platform technology, which employs the latest in natural language processing and reinforcement learning, allows EMMETT to employ his inference capabilities to sift through that mountain of ESI and guide you to the heart of the matter. Whether you have a general idea of your story or are fully immersed in the finest details, the data you need is just a quick conversation away. Finally, you can exploit the “e” in eDiscovery at any stage of any case.

Capable Assistance

Want help getting ready for that upcoming negotiation, organizing the exhibits to use in a deposition, or asking a member of your team a quick question? EMMETT is there for you—every step of the way. 


You will appreciate how effectively EMMETT gathers documents, summarizes how they fit into your strategy, and facilitates you being better prepared. It’s literally as simple as telling EMMETT who is involved and the issue or topic you are dealing with. Within seconds you will have a working document that points you in the right direction, saving you valuable time. EMMETT will even send a text to a colleague for you.

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