ALTUMATIM’s Storyline Module revolutionizes the way you construct your narrative. By allowing you to lay out your story event by event, our cutting-edge, patent-pending evidence locator technology delves into the intricacies of your content to identify and prioritize the Electronically Stored Information (ESI) that’s most pertinent to each event in your tale.

The Best Story Wins

Crafting a Winning Narrative: In the court of both law and public opinion, a compelling, genuine narrative can make all the difference. With ALTUMATIM, you aren’t merely stating facts; you’re weaving a tale rooted in credibility, anchored by solid evidence. Input your story’s foundation, and ALTUMATIM seamlessly translates it into a targeted, efficient search, ensuring that the evidence you present is both compelling and undeniable, fortifying your stance during discovery and at trial.


Works from your timeline

Story-Centric, Not Keyword-Centric: Traditional keyword searches can be limiting, often missing the context in which legal narratives unfold. Clients provide stories, not just disjointed keywords. ALTUMATIM respects the narrative essence of your case. By integrating with the timeline you’re already crafting, ALTUMATIM refines your search, delivering documents that truly resonate with your narrative’s core themes and events.

Learns what matters

Dynamic Adaptation for Superior Relevance: ALTUMATIM isn’t just a static tool; it’s a learning entity. By absorbing insights from your interactions with your client’s documents, ALTUMATIM anticipates your needs, streamlining future searches. When faced with a fresh batch of data, especially from opponents, ALTUMATIM instinctively discerns which documents bear relevance to your story’s events, ranking them by significance. This intuitive approach ensures that no crucial piece of evidence escapes your notice.

Your Narrative, Perfected with ALTUMATIM

In the realm of law, where stories are as critical as statutes, having a tool that intuitively understands and augments your narrative is invaluable. With ALTUMATIM, you’re not just organizing evidence; you’re sculpting a tale that resonates, persuades, and triumphs. Chart your story’s journey with us—where precision meets passion, and evidence becomes eloquence.

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