Time Machine

Your eDiscovery DeLorean

Dive deep into ALTUMATIM’s Time Machine, your very own Flux Capacitor for eDiscovery. A tool not just built for the present but designed to traverse timeframes, revisiting past events and evidences to craft a compelling narrative. Navigate the annals of data with precision and with an eye to the past, shaping the course of your story’s future.

Flux Capacitor for eDiscovery

Triad of eDiscovery Mastery:
ALTUMATIM’s Time Machine isn’t just a singular module but a culmination of our most robust tools: The Storyline, Topic Explorer, and Knowledge Browser. Each branch, akin to the prongs of a flux capacitor, feeds into the Time Machine’s core power. The outcome? A dynamism that instantly aligns evidence with your narrative, unraveling events as though you’ve been whisked back to witness them in real-time.


Real-Time Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard: Navigating Through the Noise The Time Machine doesn’t merely offer data; it serves it on a platter of elegance and clarity. As you delve deeper, watch irrelevant data fade into obscurity and essential documents rise to prominence. Sifting through mountains of data has never been this efficient. With the ability to focus on specific time frames, the Time Machine empowers you to make decisions rooted in insights and precision.

Unlock the secrets of the past

Redefining Narrative Clarity: Dive into the annals of the past to craft a better future for your clients. ALTUMATIM’s Time Machine offers a revolutionary visual representation of artificial intelligence in action. The tangible results provide an instantaneous grasp of how the evidence at hand weaves into your narrative. Even with a nascent idea of your story’s direction, the Time Machine’s capabilities enable you to extract vital information effortlessly, ensuring you’re always several steps ahead in your narrative journey.

Embark on Your eDiscovery Odyssey

In an age where data sprawl can overshadow critical evidence, ALTUMATIM’s Time Machine is your beacon. It doesn’t merely sift through information; it reconstructs the past, ensuring every piece of evidence finds its rightful place in your narrative. Step into a realm where timelines are not just viewed but are experienced. With ALTUMATIM, you’re not just revisiting the past; you’re reshaping the future of eDiscovery. Embrace the future, one chapter at a time.

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